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Retail 2020: Reinventing retailing once again

Retail 2020: Reinventing retailing— once again  A joint project between IBM and New York University Stern School of Business  Shopping is part of all cultures. At times it’s the way we meet the basic needs required to get through our daily lives. At other times, it’s an exciting adventure of discovery and fun. This is as it has […]

Build a Customer Data Foundation for Interactive Marketing

Generation C: The Connected Customer eBook Series Collect: Build a Customer Data Foundation for Interactive Marketing Good marketing is like a conversation. You have to listen to your customers. In our connected world, that means listening to the data they generate in their interactions with your brand.  Collecting data to build rich customer profiles is an essential step in […]

Online Marketing activeren met inzicht in klantengedrag

Generation C: De Connected Consument – eBook-reeks Analyze: Online Marketing activeren met inzicht in klantengedrag   Nu de connected consument op nieuwe manieren in interactie treedt met uw merk, wordt het steeds moeilijker om te begrijpen wie hij is, wat hij wil en wat waarschijnlijk zijn volgende stap zal zijn. Meer verbindingen en meer kanalen kunnen een veranderend landschap opleveren, […]

IBM – The Quest for Customer Connection

The Quest for Customer Connection How retailers can face down the new competition by forging closer ties to the customer Retail has always been among the most volatile industries in the world, subject to the whims of consumers and the economic conditions of the day. It is no different now.  Consider today’s retail environment. For three years, weak macroeconomic conditions […] website is van Euroforum BV. Privacy statement | Cookie statement | Copyright ©2022